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Hands up: The Smartphone – chain is the perfect companion for all those who have to coordinate and organize a lot. Job, children or cooking, you always have your hands free and your mobile phone with you.

INDIVIDUAL: The strap can be adjusted in length so that you can decide how you want to carry your phone.

THE CORD: Consists of braided PPM (polypropylene), the cord does not absorb moisture and is weatherproof. The mobile phone chain is very light and does not absorb dirt easily, perfect for outdoor activities. The rope has a diameter of about 7mm and high quality metal cord ends

THE HANDY COVER: The mobile phone cover consists of a TPU silicone frame and a hardened back wall of hard plastic, the mobile phone chain is attached to the cover.

WHO WE ARE: ZhinkArts is at home in Germany / Berlin Since 2015 we are growing steadily and offer you a range of accessories and supplies for your smartphone

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