Nokia C2 Tava Case/Nokia C2 Tennen Case CoverON Slim TPU Make Your Own Phone Case Cheap



A TPU rubber Nokia C2 Tava / C2 Tennen case; designed by CoverON and compatible for the Nokia C2 Tava / C2 Tennen

Premium TPU Material: Flexible, rubber -like shock resistant TPU with a clear micro-dot anti-watermark finish

Slim Fit Design: Weighs less than 1 oz. and is only a few millimeters thin for a minimalist, pocket-friendly approach

Slightly-Tacky Grip: The TPU material makes it easier to hold than slick plastic cases with an improved rubber-like feel

Extended Case Lips: A protective lip around the front screen and rear camera keep both lifted off surfaces, keeping both protected from scratches

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