Shockproof Bumper Silicone Rubber Dropproof Outdoor Denfender Case Cover Rhino Iphone Case iPhone 12 Pro Max Metal Case



1.Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 2020 Release, Not compatible with iPhone 12 Mini 5.4”, iPhone 12 6.1”/ iPhone 12 Pro 6.1”, and other iPhone model

2.Made of Aluminium Metal+Silicon Rubber, Extreme shockproof Design, Perfect for the people for outdoor or worse working condition.

3.Precision Made, Access to all the keys and buttons. Soft Key press feeling. Camera Protection Design.

4.The Phone Case is design for people whom worked or use in Outdoor or whom have Child use phone a lot. It is made of metal, May a little affect Signal or Wifi, Please consider it before buy it.

5.The case is with a Tempered glass screen Protector as a gift.( You can use your own screen Protector if you already have it on), it is easy to replacement.

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