ZAGG InvisibleShield Presidio Grip iPhone SE 2020 Case Checkered Iphone Case



Product 1: To ensure that Speck Presidio Grip offers the ultimate protection for your iPhone, it has been dropped from a height of 10 feet multiple times by third-party laboratories

Product 1: Impaction is an innovative dynamic shock-absorbing material that lines Presidio Grip cases.

Product 1: Impaction raised bezel guards screen from direct drops onto phone face and prevents Damage when lying flat

Product 1: Weve optimized the design to create the slimmest dual-layer case Speck has ever made, while improving protection

Product 2: Ion Matrix impact protection; Glass+ is created with a proprietary process that strengthens the material on a molecular level. Resistant to dents and shattering, Glass+ protects your screen from daily life

Product 2: Smudge & fingerprint resistant C Its oil-resistant design allows Glass+ to repel fingerprints and smudges. Glass+ is easy to clean, keeping your screen bright and vibrant

Product 2: Scratch resistant C Glass+ easily withstands the rigors of daily use with smooth, tempered glass construction. The beveled edges ensure true full-screen coverage, and the patented design defends against scratches

Product 2: Easy, bubble-free application C The patented EZ apply tabs make it simple to apply your screen protector. Glass+ is self-applying to prevent creases and bubbles and ensure full-screen coverage

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